About Us

Muman Welfare Foundation (MWF) is a social welfare group formed by like-minded Professionals to work for the career betterment and welfare of the Muman community in the field of Education and Employment. Many Muman brothers are working on various social initiatives at an individual level. The objective of this group is to get Muman Professionals and well-wishers together on one platform, with the sole intention of helping the community and society at large. MWF is formally registered as a Section 8 Company (Non-Profit Company) MUMAN WELFARE FOUNDATION and incorporated under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Our Mission

To bring Muman professionals, social leaders, and well-wishers on one platform, to build excellence in education and employment, and to motivate, organize and inspire the community and society at large.

Our Vision

To build a self-reliant Muman community that excels in the field of Education, Employment, Social Welfare, and Healthcare.

Our Values

We believe that every individual has something valuable to offer. We strive to share this individual goodness with a larger audience to empower the Muman community and create an impact on society in general and the nation as a whole.

Education provides a foundation for eradicating poverty and fostering the community's economic development. Education builds confidence, increases chances of securing higher-paid jobs, opens up a new & exciting horizon of opportunities, gives consciousness to distinguish between good and evil, and recognizes our legal rights and responsibilities. All this eventually empowers us to become better citizens and enrich our community.

In the last few years, MWF has organized:

  1. A few successful Career Guidance/Counselling Programs for School Students Scholarship Guidance
  2. Government Scheme Awareness, RTE
  3. Bright Student Mentorship
  4. School Dropout Remediation
  5. Resume Drafting Support
  6. Interview Preparation Sessions
  7. Workshops on Specific Skills like Data Science, Cloud Technology
  8. Job Placement Assistance
  9. Technology Guidance for Business or Office etc.
  10. Technical Webinars on various subjects

The opportunities to serve the community are boundless, with a lot of ground to cover. We need enthusiastic Professionals who can just spare two hours per week of their precious time for the community's welfare and provide assistance, guidance, and advice on the varied initiatives.

Register on our website and make us strong in the field of education. Education matters and a good education is a prerequisite to the soaring global economy's unlimited prospects.


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