WELCOME TO Muman Welfare Foundation (MWF)

Muman Welfare Foundation (MWF) is a social welfare group formed by like-minded Professionals to work for the career betterment and welfare of the Muman community in the field of Education and Employment. There are many Muman brothers who are working on various social initiatives at an individual level. The objective of this group is to get Muman Professionals and well-wishers, together on one platform, with the sole intention of helping the community and overall society at large. MWF is formally registered as a Section 8 Company (Non-Profit Company) MUMAN WELFARE FOUNDATION and incorporated under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.


Your little support will empower us to become better citizens and enrich our community.

Children To Get Education

MWF has been working continuously to serve as a helping hand in the education field based on their skill and excel in, to make a change in the society.

Professional To Get Jobs

We provide platform for helping people get the best possible job which is inline with their skills and experience.

Skill Development

We provide necessary skills, technology guidance and industry insights through which are members are able to be successfully self employed.